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What Type of Empath Are You?

If you haven't learned by now what an Empath is, make sure you go back to the blog entry "Coming Home or check out the co-existing podcast " Empowered Empaths" and find out exactly if you are! That being said, have you ever gotten nervous or anxious during a thunderstorm? Perhaps you feel a deeper connection with the pain that Mama Earth goes through when she experiences climate change? What about that time you got the urge to call a family member because you had a feeling something unfavorable was about to happen to them? There is a reason you are picking up on these things and it may just be the type of Empath you are. Yes, that means there are more than one type of Empath. Now I think that is pretty sweet!

General Types Of Empaths:

Physical Empath: The ability to become attuned to other people's physical symptoms by absorbing them into your own body. This also is the same outcome when some has a good sense of well-being.

Emotional Empath: You have the ability to pick up on someone's emotions, no matter the feeling.

Deep Knowing: You experience heightened intuition and sometimes can connect with the other realm, You can receive factual messages about others in the present moment.

Precognitive Empath: You gain information about the future while being asleep or awake that become true.

Dream Empath: An avid dreamer who receives intuitive information from helps themselves and others by guiding them.

Mediumship: The ability to connect with spirits in the other realm through the 5 senses and intuition.

Plant Empath: The ability to feel what a plant needs or wants through connecting with the plant essence.

Earth Empath: Attuned into what our planet needs, how it is changing, our solar system and the weather.

Animal Empath: The ability to tune into what animals need or want by communicating with them and picking up on their energies.

Highly Sensitive Person: a person who is thought to have a deeper sensitive to physical, social or emotional stimuli.

You may fall under more than one type of Empath. Either way is perfectly acceptable and a great way to understand more of who you are and what your talents are. Eventually you will be able to not only lead yourself but others around you.

Do not be afraid to be considered oversensitive. We are make up only 20% of the world's population as Empaths and we have so much to offer by teaching more compassion, sharing more love and spreading kindness and understanding like wild fire. Don't let anything dim your light.

What type of Empath are you? Find out more on each individual types in our community on Facebook under "Conscious Collective".

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