Influencers and Their Roles

What exactly is an Influencer and how do they impact Highly Sensitive People and Empaths?

Influencers are someone who has a significant impact on an Highly Sensitive Person, Clairsentient or Empath. These people are typically someone who is close to us in relationship, that allow us the space we so depesperately need to recharge our energetic battery and allowance. Influencers are natural born listeners who provide us with a soundboard to discuss our issues and dilemmas without a biased opinion and support our ideas that we express. Influencers can better support us in understanding ourselves in the world and our purposes. They aid in our over all lives.

Influencers are those who are naturally close to us, they can be a parent, boss, coach, family member, partner, teacher or friend. These people are are natural support systems that provide us with logical, mental, emotional and spiritual support. Influencers never break trust and only have the best intentions for us. You will never find an Influencer who drains your energy, disrespects your personal space or energetic space and they will never try to sabotage their relationship with by using you.