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Influencers and Their Roles

What exactly is an Influencer and how do they impact Highly Sensitive People and Empaths?

Influencers are someone who has a significant impact on an Highly Sensitive Person, Clairsentient or Empath. These people are typically someone who is close to us in relationship, that allow us the space we so depesperately need to recharge our energetic battery and allowance. Influencers are natural born listeners who provide us with a soundboard to discuss our issues and dilemmas without a biased opinion and support our ideas that we express. Influencers can better support us in understanding ourselves in the world and our purposes. They aid in our over all lives.

Influencers are those who are naturally close to us, they can be a parent, boss, coach, family member, partner, teacher or friend. These people are are natural support systems that provide us with logical, mental, emotional and spiritual support. Influencers never break trust and only have the best intentions for us. You will never find an Influencer who drains your energy, disrespects your personal space or energetic space and they will never try to sabotage their relationship with by using you.

Most Influencers currently have a Clairsentient, Highly Sensitive Person or Empath in their lives, whether they know it or not.

It is crucial we have an influencer in our lives, for myself I don't always find the best support within my family. I sometimes feel no matter what I teach them, how I explain myself or just who I am as person, they don't or will not understand me and that is okay. I don't change who I am based on other people not understanding who I am, instead I find support in friends, coworkers and within myself. You're gifted for a reason.

How can you best support them?:

Know your Clairsentient, Highly Sensitive Person and Empath as best as you can. Doing your research makes it so much smoother on both ends, you're able to understand them so much better and can support them where both parties can have healthy, safe boundaries. This brings awarenss to any situations that may arise where they can vent to you. Empaths make great listeners, but also need someone who can do the same and not feel as though they carry always carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Empaths have extremely awoke throat chakras that house all areas of communication (more information on this in an upcoming blog and podcast episode). We have built in lie detectors and can tell when something is off almost right away. Our trust should never be mislead.

Provide your Clairsentent, Highly Sensitive Person or Empath with time to recharge their energy allowance. I'm not only speaking about phyiscal energy, although these symptoms can show up for Empaths, but also we can become emotional and mentally drained due to several different occurances such as taking on others feelings or being in too crowded of a place. You can allow your sensitive people in your life to recharge by doing actitivities such as taking time to meditate. By focusing your mind your able to heal yourself, focus and reduce stress. Being able to provide your Clairsentent, HSP or Empath with time to meditate goes along way and shouldn't be underestimated. Even allowing five minutes a day can cause a positive impact. You could also try finding the time to experience a meditation together. Simply sit in a quite space, focus and hold hands or just take up space together.

We've previouisly read that Empaths are wired differently and that being said we absorb music differently than others. We use the same neural architecture that processes empathy where we deeply understand music. That being said, it is extremely important that we do music check-ins and understand what type of music we listen to. I'm not saying we cannot listen to sad or angry music when we are feeling similar, but we also need to engage in music that is upbeat in both the melody and lyrics. You can also allow your Clairsentent, HSP or Empath listen to a type of music called Binaural Beats. This music plays two different frequencies at the same time, however the brain picks up on them as one beat and creates a completely different third tone, creating a binaural beat. This music not only helps with mental and emotional focus and healing, it is proven to increase your intelligence. Binaural beats are capable of altering your brain waves by your brain waves matching the frequency, Hello happy, healthy mind.

Allowing your person to be able to vent is so underrated. Empaths aren't only able to carry their own emotions, they can absorb others. We don't always know how to tell if they are someone else's. We might feel something deep such as happiness, sadiness or anger and cannot explain where these feelings come from, but allowing us to be supported while we vent to you helps us to feel as though we don't always carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We don't always have the ability to brush our feelings or others under the matt. For me I know if I don't share certain things and try to keep them bottled up I get what feels like my conscious yelling at me until I tell people whatever is on my mind. It literally won't go away until I either share the message with who needs to hear it or I tell someone I feel safe with. As far as feelings go when it comes to us, we love you like no one as has ever loved you before. I'm not just speaking romantically about partners, but on a friendship level, coworker level, etc. So please do us both a favour and believe us when we don't always know why we feel the way we feel and believe in what we have to offer as Clairsentents, Highly Sensitive People and Empaths.

It's not always about you, sensitive people need personal space. We may need quiet time, you may need to leave the room or we might just need a lot more sleep after a draining day. For me, I can't always reply to text messages or emails right away, but I try to do what I call an energy check-in to see if I have enough of my empathy energy allowance to give. This isn't a rejection towards others, but a request to recharge. Please allow us what we need.

When Clairsentents, Highly Senisitive People and Empaths receive the support and love an influencer, it allows us to cause a ripple effect in the world, so we can better serve as a natural healer and supportive roles for ourselves and others. We are here to redefine the word Empath and change the old paradiagms, but we need others to hold space for us, support us, provide us with love and honesty, so we can do the same.

Please share this with someone who has provided you with a safe space as an Clairsentent, Highly Sensitive Person or Empath.

As always, love,light and dark,

Ash xo

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