Shield Maiden is a mud paste birthed from plant allies from the earth, making it absolutely chemical free, but with benefits of Western Medicine. 


Shield Maiden can be applied topically to the skin x2 daily for 20 minutes each time, unlike other clay/ mud based products, She will not leave your skin feeling tight or pulled. In fact, Shield Maiden will clean out air pollutions and remove dead skin cells, while providing moisture to the skin.


Shield Maiden also has similar compounds to over the counter "Aspirin". The compounds derived from White Willow Bark will aid in pain relief, not only topically, but will slowly release deeper into the subcutaneous layer of the skin, not just applying a bandage to the wound, but treating it from within.


Shield Maiden is a fierce warrior for the skin and body, she helps with the following:

  • cuts & scrapes
  • bruises
  • posion ivy & stinging nettle
  • pain & joint relief
  • anti-inflammitory properties
  • collagen & cell renwal
  • moisturizes 
  • liver function
  • can help fight cancer
  • filled with multiple immunity boosters
  • slow the aging process 
  • and it's packed with tons of vitamins & minerals


Shield Maiden is one fearless leader, but I'll let her show you all that she is capable of!

Shield Maiden Mud Paste

    • Do not use if allergic to Aspirin
    • Refridgerate after opening and keep up to 6 months 



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