An absolutely stunning double purpose kit that offers you mass amounts of protection and gets rid of whatever is in your way! All products are handcrafted with organic plant medicine and  some with wanning moon water.


Use this kit to:

  • aid in shadow work
  • get rid of what no longer serves you
  • release negative energy and help bring forth positive energy
  • shifting into a new phases in life
  • get rid of someone in your life



Banishing + Energy Recovery Kit comes with:

  • 2 oz of banishing spray handcrafted with naturally sourced snake shed
  • 0.34 oz of reinforcing positive & uplifting essential oil roller Hiatus (current top seller in the shop!)
  • a small spell bottle of of banishing powder with some serious family lineage ingredients
  • a small spell bottle of handcrafted black salt where the sage is derived from plants passed down by elders and used during my spiritual readings. 
  • a 0.5 inch of Petalie crystal for going against evil forces, helping with depression, etc.
  • a unique tarot card that is intuitively hand picked with each kit
  • a wooden box with woodburn markings of the Triple Goddess Moon Symbol + Leviathan's Cove symbol. Measurements will vary for this, but roughly the same size! In the picture this one is 9 1/4 inch in legnth x 5 3/4 inch width x 3.5 inch in height. 


*Kits are made to order*

Banishing & Energy Renewal Recovery Kit

SKU: 015


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