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You Are Not Alone-Struggles of An Empath

Empaths are chemically wired differently, therefore we end up experiencing the world and everything in it differently. We end picking up on the smallest facial movements, a mood change before others would clue in or even dismiss, feeling overwhelmed with very little explanation or no explanation at all, you name it, we pick up on it. I want you to feel empowered and aware of the many diversities that we face as an Empath + Highly Sensitive Person, so that you can learn to work with them, instead of being overwhelmed with a feeling of loneliness and like you are drowning in a bottomless sea. You are not alone.

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People tend to get a lot of flack for being who we are. We are told we are too sensitive, often get misdiagnosed or used as guinea pigs when someone wants you to read them or another person,

However, being an Empath is so much more. Unlike some others in the world, we come baring huge gifts with an even bigger heart full of empathy and compassion. Often able to tap into a level of depth most people cannot begin to fathom. We are in touch with our emotions and soon able to own them too. In a world full of challenges, we see the big picture.

Common Challenges of The Empath + Highly Sensitive Person:

Bringing awareness to these common challenges within ourselves and those who are close enough, give us a deeper understanding of how to not just function and operate in the world, but to lead with understanding, heart and discipline.

  • Addictions: Since you are easily exposed to a large amount of energy exchanges and not exactly sure how to find the solution in surrendering, we often turn to addiction. The world today is living in an overdrive of masculine energy. We want fast results, work too many hours to barely ends meet and living in pure survival mode. The solution is getting to the root of the problem and encouraging yourselves and others to adapt to incorporating more feminine energy; nurturing, healing, being in touch with emotions, etc. But without these solutions we want to suppress these intensities with temporary solutions such as alcohol and drugs, the need for drama, over exercising or eating disorders and hyper seclusion from others.

  • Overstimulated: We do not process the way others do. We end up taking on too much and can easily experience burn out and sensory overload. We need time to refill our cups and charge back up our batteries before attending to others. Make sure you are taking at least a few minutes of every day for yourself.

  • Absorbing others energy: Being wired differently we easily pick up others energy and sometimes that makes it difficult to determine if it our own feelings or someone else's. When we end up taking other people's energetics we can experience everything from emotional symptoms such as angry, happiness, sadness, anxiety and heartbreak. However, we can also take on physical symptoms such as back pain, migraines and colds.

  • Troubles sleeping or winding down after the day: Due to overstimulation of energetics throughout the day, we often struggle to let go of them this then causes lack of sleep from the intensity of over feeling or winding down. Even exposing ourselves to technology such as TVs, computer screens, tablets and phones can play a major part in this. Why? It is still an energy exchange with someone else, the only difference is that these are through screens. Do yourselves a favour and give yourself some quiet time before bed, do not engage in intense conversations and avoid screen time, I recommend journaling, mediation or even a light podcast or music to fall asleep to.

  • Intense feelings: Ever watch the news or a commercial and you just can't make it through or feel an overwhelming amount of sadness or anger? What about watching intense movie plot lines? Even if these are just pretend scenes or situations not effecting you directly, you still tap into these energetics resulting in baring witness to their suffering. You simply feel it too.

  • Emotional and social hangovers: Spending too much to time with people that are overwhelming or even in a crowd of people will leave you feeling drained, this is caused by sensory overload and can last even weeks later than the actual event itself.

  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation: This can happen when you experience inauthentic people or when you want to distant yourself from others due to overstimulation or being drained by their energy. When we distance ourselves from others it is a defense mechanism, others may not understand, but it is a great way to recharge.

  • Increased senses: Being wired differently means we have increased senses. This means we may feel lights are brighter than others or too much noise is easily overwhelming, For me being in large crowds is a huge deal. I cannot have too many conversations going on around me or I have to shut everyone out and remove myself from the situation. Another personal example for me is temperature change. I easily get too cold from my own energy aura being cold in energy. This becomes a lot harder for me to get warmed up. I also get physical sick if an air conditioner in a car is blowing on me too much, I end up opting for the windows down instead. Some Empaths and Highly Sensitive People crave the moon light over the sun light or cannot stand long periods of winter.

  • Romantic relationships: Relationships need a specific balance and when it comes to Empaths and Highly Sensitive People they can vary from each couple. Some may need more alone time, a separate area to sleep or even time to read alone. We will discuss this more intimately in the near future, but please make sure you express your needs in each individual relationship. Communication is a must.

If you are feeling overwhelmed on how to deal with the common struggles of an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person please feel free to get in contact with me and we can work on 1:1 mentoring to better establish your tools as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person. To reach me visit or email me at

I encourage you to listen to the 3rd episode on the co-existing Empowered Empaths Podcast found on all major listening platforms. If haven't already joined us I would love to have you in our Facebook group Conscious Collective created specifically with Empaths, Highly Sensitive People and Influencers in mind.

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