You Are Not Alone-Struggles of An Empath

Empaths are chemically wired differently, therefore we end up experiencing the world and everything in it differently. We end picking up on the smallest facial movements, a mood change before others would clue in or even dismiss, feeling overwhelmed with very little explanation or no explanation at all, you name it, we pick up on it. I want you to feel empowered and aware of the many diversities that we face as an Empath + Highly Sensitive Person, so that you can learn to work with them, instead of being overwhelmed with a feeling of loneliness and like you are drowning in a bottomless sea. You are not alone.

Empaths and Highly Sensitive People tend to get a lot of flack for being who we are. We are told we are too sensitive, often get misdiagnosed or used as guinea pigs when someone wants you to read them or another person,

However, being an Empath is so much more. Unlike some others in the world, we come baring huge gifts with an even bigger heart full of empathy and compassion. Often able to tap into a level of depth most people cannot begin to fathom. We are in touch with our emotions and soon able to own them too. In a world full of challenges, we see the big picture.

Common Challenges of The Empath + Highly Sensitive Person:

Bringing awareness to these common challenges within ourselves a