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Protecting yourself as Empath & Highly Sensitive Person

If you're reading this, chances are you will probably relate to this little spiel about how we live in such a fast paced world and how it affects us. We Empaths and Highly Sensitive People who need an environment that provides grounding, flow, alignment and surrendering, yet often we work in jobs that exhaust us, demand quick solutions to how we live and leave ourselves as the last option when it comes to rest. Empaths and HSP only make up 20% of the world, so it's important that we understand not only how the other 80% works and affect us, but how we can take care of ourselves and what we can do when it comes to (re)acting.

Empaths and HSP aren't meant for the type of hustle and bustle the masculine world created for us. We should be aiming to slow down to lessen the impact of overstimulation and surrendering, so we can properly shield ourselves and simultaneously own our gifts to aid in the world. We are being called to focus on who we are, take action on actual resting of our bodies and souls, to learn how to support our own selves and others, but to also re(form) our relationship with Mama Earth. When we learn to put ourselves as the top priority in all areas of our lives, we can then actual show up fully expressed not only for ourselves, but others to. We are the start and the cause to the ripple affect. Choose yourself wisely.

Below are list of ways to protect yourself as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person:

1. Shielding with energy/bubble: This is a simple practice where you envision a energy source from either your heart area or your belly button area and picture a beam of light or a bubble around your body that projects about 6 feet outward. There is no right or wrong colour. This is your own energetic field, so whatever you feel and see is correct, as long as you feel it is positive. Practice doing this exercise several times a week until you feel you can master it with keeping your eyes open. If you would like to watch a more detailed version of this you can catch me on video on my Instagram TV.

2. Using water as a cleanser: Water is a great option that easily be utilized in almost any situation you're in as an Empath or Highly Sensitive Person. Sometimes we may meet an unpleasant customer, coworker or client and can be overwhelmed. Being able to drink a glass of water, won't only help detox your body, but it can give yourself a second to step away from the situation and literally cleanse you from the inside out. A similar experience will happen if you have had a particularly long day and you take a hot shower or submerge yourself into a body of water and go for a swim. The more natural the water choice the better, however a pool can help as well.

3. Getting out in nature: There are so many reasons we feel called to connect to Mama Earth. Certain Empaths can feel the energetic shifts within the Earth through weather, climate change and quality of all life. It's important that we plant our roots and submit to all that she can teach us. The dirt beneath our feet provides us with literal electric charges that when our bare naked bodies (any part of it) touch the ground will receive a recharge. You can walk barefoot in nature, repot your house plants, or place your hands in fresh top soil while you plant your vegetable garden.

4. Eating wholesome foods/sensitivities to sugars and carbohydrates: It's no secret eating healthy isn't just about the quality of food, it's the quality of the energy within the food and how the food is created. There is a difference between the vibration of a food that has been mass produced or a food that you spent foraging or growing yourself. Your body genuinely feels better when you pick an apple over candy or low ingredient foods versus foods that have been filled with antibodies and preservatives. As for myself as an Empath my body mimics having a cold if I constantly pick low vibes foods to eat. My sinuses fill up, I often get a headaches, sometimes a sore throat and even an upset stomach. Empaths feel overstimulated, drained and often get a low energy when consuming sugars and carbohydrates. Sugars can cause unwanted mood swings and mood elevation/drop. Choosing to eat all the colours of the rainbow in your fruits and vegetables is also a great way to align your charka energy wheel within the body.

5. Cord cutting: Is a form of meditation where you cut ties with someone or a situation that has a energy field attached to yours. You simply close your eyes and find an area where you can sit quietly or lay down. Breathe in deeply and allow yourself to concentrate on a cord or string coming from your belly button and either attaching to the person you no longer want your energy attached to or a situation. Once you pick the person or energy acknowledge the energy and feelings that may be attached to this energy within the person or situation. Accept what the energy is as it is without judgement and then picture a pair of scissors or the cord disintegrating. Imagine this empty space being filled with the utmost love you can imagine. Your energies are now separated and this no longer belongs to you.

6.Quiet activities to wind down/ separate yourself: As Empaths and HSP we often have a hard time whining down from a long day or getting sleep. It is important that take the time to take care of our own being before everyone else's and after a long day. You engage in activities such as reading, mediating, a puzzle, Reiki, writing/journaling or try going for a light walk. Avoid overstimulating or stressful situations such as intense conversations, movies, phone or tablet time, Not only does this make your brain stimulated, these activities can also stress your energy or allow you to pick up on others energies, even if it is through a screen.

Above all else as an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person, remember to put yourself first. Although sometimes we still view this as selfish, it is the beginning of the rise in the collective. It will allow you to aid in the ripple affect and give permission for others to also heal. It is not our sole duty to save other's, but it is our soul's mission to hold space for ourselves, so we may simultaneously hold space for others. It is our time now to rewild and redefine the definition of what is to be an Empath. This is our awakening.

To listen to the coexisting podcast of Epically Elevated Blogs, go to to listen to this episode of Empowered Empaths Podcast.

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