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Welcome to Leviathan's Cove; a space where you can embrace your body, elevate your mind and enrich your soul.

Leviathan's Cove is here to provide you the tools to tap into your inner compass and raise your consciousness. Here you will learn to heal past traumas, (re)connect to Mama Earth and pave the way for your true authentic self. 

You will challenge your ego, face your demons and learn to ease plant medicine into your daily routine. 

This is where you will shed old paradigms and embody your impact in the world. Are you ready to uplevel?


Hey, I'm Ash. The face behind Leviathan's Cove. I'm a Plant Medicine Practitioner + Energy Mentor.  My medicine aids in supporting others who feel called to  hyper focus on their goals and healing while canceling out false truths , unhealed trauma and instill new beliefs and systems through subconscious mind techniques and plant medicine so your inner being can bring forth what YOU desire in your outer body.

Leviathan's Cove is here to serve those ready to lead themselves into a massive shift of healing + ready to do the work themselves, who are looking to gain understanding of their own energetics and reclaim their creator power.


Leviathan's Cove offers plant medicine products, coaching programs and courses that activate your souls purpose in life and business.  

I know what it's like to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders and feeling like I was too much of anything and nothing of the right thing. In my own journey I've triumphed and overcame; learning disabilities, domestic abuse and nearly losing my own life due to a previous head injury. It's taken a bit, but I fully embrace all that I am and who I came here to be and I'm ready to help you do the same! 

After being told I wouldn't amount to much, you can find my medicine in magazines, blogs and featured on podcasts. I've learned to step into my own authenticity, own my bigness and RISE.


Let's connect, support one another and (re)root deeply from within. 

AppleJack Ash, Leviathan's Cove

 Deeply Rooted + Ready To Rise


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