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I rise you rise so they can rise

A space where you can embrace your body, elevate your mind and enrich your soul.


Gain the tools to tap into your inner compass and raise your consciousness through subconscious mind techniques and plant medicine for the soul driven empath and highly sensitive person ready to return to their creator power.



Our Mission is to help rewild the collective while turning inward to create intentional healing within the soul of ourselves and transition to our creator power,  so you can then master your outer manifestations with authenticity and true alignment.  

 Are you ready to uplevel?

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Ashley Jones is a Plant Medicine Practitioner and Energy Mentor, located just outside of Kingston, Ontario, Canada-serving the collective as a whole.  Ashley's medicine aids in supporting empath's and highly sensitive people; (HSP) who feel called to hyper focus on their goals and healing while canceling out false truths, unhealed trauma and instill new beliefs and systems through subconscious mind techniques and plant medicine, while replacing them with a new grounding foundation, so your inner being can bring forth what YOU desire in your outer body. I’m advocating for a world that embraces the body of themselves, others and Mama Earth. One that just doesn’t physically call upon us to love ourselves, but one that embraces our very essence of our soul, where we become our medicine. I’m advocating for a world that elevates the mind through raising our own consciousness, the collectives and the planet as a whole. One that isn’t afraid to channel our own demons, others and the earth to obtain our undoubtable sought after healing. I advocate for a world that yearns for the enrichment of our souls, your sisters, brothers and the soul of our universe. Let’s level the fuck up, so others may do the same, so she can do the same.

Cream and Pink Makeup Artist _ Stylist P
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 Deeply Rooted + Ready To Rise

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