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3 Card Oracle Spread; Past, Present & Future:

A 3 card guided spread, that will connect you to your past and present, and guide you towards your future. This reading is a 3 card spread, where I will discuss situations that you need to work through, that have been bothering  you and coming up from your past. I will also shed light on your present and help you understand your future and what it holds. Some people who are receiving a reading, may hear a message from a past loved one. This is an Intuitive based reading.

3 Card Tarot Spread; Past, Present & Future:

Similar to a Three card Oracle spread, you will connect with your past and present as well as be guided in your future path. although I, Ashley am an empath and can easily pick up someone's energy, this is not an intuitive reading. 

7 Card Chakra Spread:

Enlighten your path with the life energy field that surrounds your being. Find out exactly where and what you need to work on to help you live your best life and authentic truth. Each of the 7 cards will give you a reflection on each of the 7 chakras and what kind of state they are in. This will be very detailed and specific for each person. 

Grounding Ritual:

Succumb your energy to mother earth. Let us guide you into a peaceful and Euphoric state. A grounding ritual is a way to eliminate what  you or your body has built up throughout any course of your life. Grounding will help create balance in your daily life and help bring fulfillment each and everyday. It can help support the body and aid in good mind health. 

Aura reading & Alignment:

Let us tap into your energetic field. We will tell you the colour of your own personal life energy. This colour can continuously change depending on your mood and where you are in life. We will guide you on any blocked energy that can be causing anything from emotional to physical issues. Knowing your specific colour can help you understand how you not only observe things, but also how you work with and around them. 

Can also be paired with a 7 card chakra spread.

Group Readings:

Invite up to 7 of your favourite people to a Party-like setting at your place, where you will all receive a 2 card in-depth reading. Let us help guide you and answer your questions. Please allow several hours for this depending on the amount of people.

Prices Vary; Starting at $112.95 CAD

In Home service:                 

Your place of living is your blanket of warmth and security. If something feels off, chances are everyone who frequents there can feel it too. It could be an energy coming from anyone or anything in the home. Or it could very well be a spirit. Have us come to your home and do a cleansing/ Smudging ritual to help clear and move things along. This can be done with either sea salts for those who are sensitive to smells or with Smuding bundles such as Sage, or palo Santo.


A ritual is then preformed by whoever is located closest to you by going through Each and every room in your home and saying a chant/Blessing  as we complete our intentions. 

Cleansing & Smudging 

Personal Service:

the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You seem to be walking around with a black cloud that constantly rains on your parade. Surrender yourself into a smoke cleanse or salt (for those who are more sensitive) and let us take the lead on lifting that negativity. 

Also pairs well with a grounding ritual. 


A specific ritual involving the creation of a spell to target a certain subject or goal. in one or more person's life. Carrying out the spells are very energy consuming and can be time consuming as well.. Spells can be done for almost anything you can think of, 

Some examples:

- Finances

-Love life


-Glamour Magick

Prices Vary; Starting at $39.95 CAD


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