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Welcome to Leviathan's cove, where mystic finds will be all around you. From Bath Rituals & Self Care, to enchanting & Magickal home decor. whatever your Witchy needs may be, we promise, you'll find it here. 

Hey, Ash here. I'm the founder and creator of Leviathan's Cove. I come from a hereditary line of Witches and i've been practicing the craft openly since I was just 11 years old. I'm a Taurus, a Mom, a Gardener, Healer, Intuitive Psychic Medium and avid outdoors adventurous.  I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Here is where you'll find myself, my son leviathan. and our two dogs; Dean & Frigg. With My Son Leviathan, as Our inspiration, just like his name, you will find authentic, malevolent and hand crafted pieces here or simply book a reading with yours truly. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you kick back as you enjoy an inconceivable look around. You can follow me on personal account on instragram @applejackash312 for a peak of what happens in life. 

AppleJack Ash, Leviathan's Cove

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