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Welcome to Leviathan's cove, where mystic finds will be all around you. From Bath Rituals & Self Care, to enchanting & Magickal home decor. whatever your Witchy needs may be, we promise, you'll find it here. 

Behind the Magick

●L E V I A T H A N ' S C O V E ●

Sacred ground where you can transition yourself. Lift the veil between the realms and surrender yourself as you tap into my core medicine that assists you in your practices and support you while you step into your truth. ● Embrace your body. Elevate your mind. Enrich your soul.● Reconnect yourself to Mother Earth and awaken the ground your soul and body walk on. My potent brand is seeking you as you seek after it. This is your calling to be a part of the world reawakening and deeply reconnect with your energy. Be one with the world. I call upon you to rise, as I continue you to rise with you. ☆☆☆


My core medicine is wide spread through my readings, rituals and products. I support and help light leaders, witches, healers and those who walk the spiritual path. Join me as I launch my sacred line of handcrafted spiritual tools and herbal blends. Products that will support and expand your craft and practices.


Some examples of products I cultivated and worked with to help you tap in:

▪︎products to help you release and shift into an equal balance of light and dark.
▪︎products to increase the ability to focus your attention and unleash your potential
▪︎Tools to assist you in your daily practice whether you're well known for your path or keep it enigmatic.


Let me show you the way, as we shed the light and welcome the dark. It's time to harvest what I've sowed. I know my worth and power. Let me help you lead you to yours.

AppleJack Ash, Leviathan's Cove

Do You Believe in Yourself?

So Mote It Be

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